Jamco’s Electric vs. Propane Forklifts

Choosing between the two? A decision may come down to the pros and cons.

At Jamco, we always have a wide selection of electric- and propane-fueled forklifts in all capacities so that you can find the right one for your job. Need to decide which is best for you? Weigh the pros and cons!

A Doosan electric forklift



  • Zero tailpipe emissions, resulting in a better, safer work environment
  • Less noise during operation
  • Outside, on-site fuel storage is eliminated, reducing liability
  • Less planned maintenance and repair maintenance required
  • Capacity ratings and stability are usually better at high lifting heights
  • Turning radius specifications are better
  • Rear visibility is better due to the lack of a propane cylinder
  • Longer major component life can be expected when compared with propane forklifts
  • Fewer hand/arm/foot movements needed, increasing operator productivity
  • Fewer waste fluids to dispose of; i.e., no engine, transmission or coolant fluid changes
  • Less brake wear (braking is automatic)


  • May or may not meet performance expectations if high and/or constant duty drive line torque is required
  • Cleaning, watering and charging requirements of industrial battery may not be manageable, particularly in a multi-shift operation
  • Forgetting to charge the battery overnight could result in significant productivity consequences the next day
  • May or may not meet performance and reliability expectations when exposed to cold, wet weather or abusive and corrosive applications
  • Adequate ventilation is required around the forklift when the battery is being recharged
  • Operating in freezing temperatures will damage the truck and/or battery without certain precautions
  • Battery chargers have certain voltage and amperage requirements, and an existing electrical service may or may not meet these requirements
  • In multi-shift operations, spare batteries, along with a charging area, may or may not be required (Fast charge systems are available and may eliminate the need for spare batteries)
A Doosan propane forklift



  • Little risk associated with running out of fuel other than having to change propane cylinders
  • Better than most electric forklifts when high and/or constant duty drive line torque is required
  • Acceptable for most indoor applications, provided that other WorkSafeBC criteria is met
  • May or may not be acceptable for food handling


  • Rear visibility off the back end restricted due to the location of the propane tank
  • Possibility of a fuel system leak while the truck is indoors
  • Operators need to be trained on the safe handling of propane fuel
  • Fuel cost is higher when compared with electric forklifts
  • Due to the weight and frequency propane tanks are changed, WorkSafeBC injury claims are possible
  • More difficult to start and operate reliably when operating in freezing temperatures
  • Fossil fuel costs will likely climb dramatically in the years ahead
  • Propane fuel is not always readily available in remote locations

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