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3 Things to Consider When Renting a Lift Truck in Florida

1) Product Weight

Predetermine the maximum weight the forklift will need to carry. Nothing is more frustrating than paying for a lift truck rental, only to find out that, when it arrives, it’s too light for the job. One should also consider how the product will be packaged. For example, are the goods on a pallet or sitting loose on the floor?

2) Dealer Reputation

Most forklift dealers will rent daily, weekly, or monthly. Look beyond the company offering the lowest price, and ensure the forklift is late-model and up to safety specifications to offset potential downtime. If you rent an older lift truck, it may break down when you need it the most.

3) Insurance

The majority of Florida forklift rental companies will insure the equipment. However, your company must cover:

a. The forklift operator

b.  Any additional employees

c. The facility itself, in case of injury liability or property damage when utilizing the rented lift truck

It is a fairly quick and simple process to request your insurance company add on the forklift rental Orlando to your company policy for the term of the rental contract.