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Forklift Attachment Rentals

Move Non-Palletized Materials Efficiently with Our Forklift Attachments

Forklift Attachments Result in Higher Productivity

When your operators use the right forklift attachment for the job, you’ll increase productivity, saving your company time and money. Our forklift attachments expand your moving, stacking, and dumping capabilities by adapting to a variety of container shapes, allowing your warehouse operations to run smoothly and safely.

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Carton Clamps

Carton Clamps are a hydraulically-operated blade attachment ideal for handling big and bulky loads that do not require a pallet. The rubber-faced articulated contact pads distribute force evenly, ensuring a secure grip without causing damage. Carton Clamps are durable under tough conditions, easy to service, and extremely versatile.

Carton Clamps are often used for handling pallet-less items such as:

  • Fragile Items
  • Packaged Foods
  • Appliances
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Beverages
  • Chemicals
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carton clamp
General purpose forklift clamp

General Purpose Clamps

General Purpose Clamps efficiently handle a variety of pallet-less loads with high efficiency and less unwanted product damage.

This multi-purpose forklift attachment is ideal for handling:

  • Baled Product
  • Corrugated Containers
  • Metal Containers
  • Wooden Containers
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Rotators are forklift attachments that will powerfully increase your forklift’s versatility through their 360-degree rotation capability, improve productivity, and limit downtime when dumping loads. By allowing you to rotate the forks on your truck, Rotators enable safer and more efficient load dumping.

Rotators are commonly used in:

  • Agriculture
  • Recycling
  • Manufacturing
  • General Industry
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rotator clamp
Single double multiple load handlers

Single-Double Attachment

Single-Double forklift attachments allow a standard forklift to carry two pallets at a time instead of one, increasing productivity and reducing the number of trips. The hydraulic spreading of the forks and side shifting capabilities of a Single-Double Pallet Handler allow more flexibility for aligning forks or pallets in tight areas.

Single-Double Pallet Handlers are specifically designed for:

  • Bottling
  • Brewing
  • General Warehouse Applications
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