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JLG Aerial Work Platforms from Jamco

Jamco is proud to offer a full range of JLG Aerial Work Platforms (AWP), including Vertical Lifts, Stock Pickers, Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts.

Our electric- or gas-powered scissor lifts are available in 2WD for indoor use or 4WD for outdoor use. Each type offers a steel rail platform which can be raised straight up in order for one to access and perform work on high areas that can be difficult to reach with ladders or scaffolding.

Renting a scissor lift is an ideal way to reach high ceilings in a building, top shelving racks, or high windows safely and securely. Scissor lift operators are well-secured in the compartment and have a harness strap to prevent falls.

JLG Scissor Lift heights range from 10′ up to 46′ working height. For more information on all models, visit

As with any device, operators need to always review the manufacturers’ safety guidelines, move the lifts slowly, ensure the safety harness is securely fastened to both operator and machine, and always use the safety brake features.